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CWA Partner for March, 2015 . . .

In March 2015 our Partner was Lacy Williams of REDBUD PRESS. We shared about their exciting new line, Hometown Romance and provided an offer for a 2-in-1 novella collection featuring Cheryl Wyatt’s Out of the Flames and Lacy Williams’s Kissed by a Cowboy for those who joined their mailing list HERE.

Visit REDBUD Press online at:



Twitter: @redbudpress


CWA Partner for September, 2014 . . .

In September 2014 our Partner was Dr. Betsy Lavin. We shared about the Find Your Beautiful Life Plan (TM) Certification and her FREE seminar, Career vs. Calling.  

You can connect with Betsy at her website HERE


CWA Partner for June, 2014 . . .

In June 2014 our Partner was Richard Capriola. CWA promoted his book, A Nation Under Judgement.

You can read reviews of his book and watch his book trailer HERE. Visit his website HERE.

Order your copy today! 


CWA Partner for May, 2014 . . .

In May 2014 our Partner was Sue Detweiler. CWA promoted her new book, 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom, and watched it rise to #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases In Women's Fiction. 

You can read reviews of her book HERE. Watch her book trailer HERE

Sue Detweiler is still offering Free Resources to make your Online Book & Bible Study a success for women.

She will supply you with:

1. Short video’s that can be placed in your social media/blog
2. Short audio’s that can be used on social media/blog
3. Schedule choices for your study (6 weeks or 11 weeks etc)

The Study Guide is already included in Sue's book, 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom. The only cost you and your leaders will have is the purchase of the book.

Contact if you have more questions.
You can also connect with Sue at 


CWA Partner for February, 2014 . . .

In February 2014 our Partner was Gospel for AsiaThey promoted their free book, Revolution in World Missions, a book written to inspire the believer to let go of self-centeredness & make a difference in the lost world.


CWA Partner for June, 2013 . . .

In June 2013 our Partner was our very own Video Service with the talented, Evonne Mandella. We built a crew of CWA Reviewers to evaluate this new service and help us expose any glitches so we could offer premium service to anyone seeking a book trailer or promotional video.

The reviewers walked through the entire process from the application to receipt of final product.  You can read their reviews at

Visit CWA's video page today and apply for your video


CWA Partner for May, 2013 . . .

In May, our partner was Theresa Ceniccola of International Christian Mompreneur Network.  Theresa invited women to join the International Christian Mompreneur Network where they were celebrating Mother's Day by offering the free Christian Mompreneur Toolkit. She also provided a  a free 9-hour training seminar entitled “Redefining the Mompreneur: How to Run a Profitable Business While Putting Family First” as a limited time offer for CWA ladies who joined the ICM Network in the month of May. 

Internation Christian Mompreneur Network Empowers Moms to Prosper with Wisdom and Grace.

Visit ICMN today. Membership is FREE.


CWA Partner for April, 2013 . . .

In April, our  partner was ReBirthDay Greetings. 

Visit their website at for Inspirational Christian Greeting Cards.


CWA Partner for March, 2013 . . .

In March, our CWA Partner was TRIP. Actually, we were working this deal behind the scenes since January. Why that long? Well, TRIP stands for Targeted Reading Improvement Program and since we have so many homeschoolers on the CWA Crew Jordan opted to have us try out the product ourselves.

Walter C. Waid and Jordan H. Price are passionate about helping struggling readers. They’ve combined over 40 years of experience working with special needs readers to create a program that boast true results! 

Struggling readers shine in light of this well prepared program.

Go here to read opinions from the CWA Review Crew.

Order your DVD-Rom at


CWA Partner for February 2013 . . . 

In February, our CWA Partner was Karen Wells.  She was excited to be promoting her book "Unhooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom". The book focuses on helping women find freedom from the impact of a past trauma. It offer women 7 steps to help them get "unhooked" so they can live their best life possible in God.

Don't miss Karen's book. You can still order it at   

Karen is also available to speak at women's retreats. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your event, keep Karen in mind. 


Previous crews run by former owner and CWA founder, Noelle Mena                              

CWA Partner for January 2013 . . .

In January, our CWA Partner was My It Works with Independent Consultant Mary Moss.


CWA Partner for December 2012...

In December, Our CWA Partner was iBloom with Kelly Thorne. She was ready to party and eager to inspire and empower women to live a life of passion, balance, purpose and fulfillment.


iBloom is the go-to place for Christian Life Coaching for women.

Visit iBloom today to get a fresh dose of encouragement.


CWA Partner for November 2012...

In November, Our CWA Partner was Crowned by The King with Judi James 

Crowned by The King is a Beautiful Giving Ministry that I was so excited to Partner with for November. Besides all of the Partner Actions we again added in a Custom Crew. This time I created a Custom Crew of 25 women from The CWA Review Crew to Receive the Necklace and Ministry Kit from Crowned by The King. They have been wearing and sharing what the ministry calls a 'Crowned Moment'. You can read about that on the Public Crew Page. The Crew is also posting on their blogs all about the Ministry and about their Personal Crowned Moment during November. It is important to know that the Crew is not Reviewing this Ministry nor the Necklaces. Their focus is Ministry Awareness and Sharing their Crowned Moment through their blogs and Social Media.






Founder Judi James

Crowned by The King


CWA Partner for October, 2012...

In October, Our CWA Partner was Debra Mazda of ShapelyGirl Fitness! Working with Debra and her Team meant all hands on deck. We had a busy, busy month. Actually we go 20 Ladies from The CWA Review Crew to get busy too all month. Being Partner for the month is also an excellent time to have a Custom Crew out working on your behalf. We do that by choosing from over 250 Ladies on Our CWA Review Crew. We choose the ones who fit best with your Brand. For ShapelyGirl Fitness this meant Working Out with their DVD's. I put together 20 ShapelyGirl Women for this Custom Crew and they each received their DVD in the mail. Starting Oct 1st, the Ladies were working out at least 3 days a week and posting about it on their blogs and Social Media. ( using the #shapelygirl hashtag) You can see their Wrap Up Posts here. I created a Private Facebook Group of just this Crew and Debra and her team were able to join in, allowing them to interact and get feedback for their upcoming new set of DVD's. The ladies on the crew had so much fun and loved the product so much, we have kept the private Facebook going as they continue on their journey to get moving and be healthy!



Noelle Mena was a pleasure to work with before and during our October Partner of the Month campaign. Not only was she very responsive to our questions in a timely manner, she also provided valuable input as to how we could get the best results from the campaign. I highly recommend working with Noelle and support her in what she does for Christian Women worldwide.


Debra Mazda, ME.d, CPT
President / CEO


ShapelyGirl Fitness



CWA Partner for September, 2012...

In September, Christine Field blessed us as a Partner. Christine wanted to Reach her Audience just so she could give! She was at a new season in her life and simply wanted to share with others. Christine created a page on her site where she made 8 of her ebooks available to download for free all during her partner month. This page was only accessible to whom I shared it with via all the avenues of being a Partner with CWA. What a blessing. (I also did all of Christine's Graphics for the month)


Noelle Mena is a powerhouse of enthusiasm and exitement!  She brings that energy and exposure to your website when you partner with CWA.  Engaging the full spectrum of social media, your partnership with CWA will generate interest and engagement with the audience you seek to reach.  Noelle is fabulous to work with and you will be blessed by your affiliation!


Christine Field

Real Mom Life


CWA Partner for August, 2012... 

In August our CWA Partner was Alice Klitz, a simply amazing woman that is also an Independent Consultant for Blessings Unlimited. I also did all of Alice's Graphics for her month. Pure Joy working with Alice, and blessed to continue working with her now as I signed up under her! 

I was a partner with Christian Women Affiliate in September, and had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know Noelle Mena. God truly gives us what we need at the right times, and our connection was very much a gift for both of us! I was able to give Blessings Unlimited exposure, letting others know about their wonderful products and opportunity. So much so, that Noelle even signed up! Her heart is deep in wanting to serve God and help other women in their business, ministry, or path in life. Each person who joins Blessings Unlimited with me is a new friend, an inspiration, and a blessing each in their own way.


Noelle’s knowledge of social media and how it all connects amazes me! I learned
a lot just being a partner, and it will be fun to watch what God all does with her talents in her life!

Alice Klitz | Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant | Alice BU on Facebook


In July our CWA Partner was Coach Liz | Elizabeth Avelar.

What a blessing to work with Coach Liz from Live Love Wellness and her team.  It was all about The Christian Olympics in July! We Also put together a Custom Crew from Our CWA Review Crew to run a month long Beta test of their Program, The Christian Olympics that ran at the same time as the actual Olympics. You can read some of the Crew's Reviews in helping here 

Deciding to partner up with Noelle and Christian Women Affiliate was a wise decision. My two-week summer project involved a lot of complex parts and Noelle’s support and skills were invaluable in executing the faith-based wellness program. She was forward-thinking which helped circumvent problems in advance. In addition, she was very enthusiastic and motivating to provide much needed support during critical times. Overall Noelle provided an exceptional value for her services. I firmly believe anyone that teams up with Noelle will benefit greatly.

Coach Liz | Elizabeth Avelar

Coach Liz loves helping others overcome their wellness obstacles to obtaining joy, peace, and happiness in life. She accomplishes that goal through a combination of interactive web TV shows, digital magazines, and major online events that provide the latest health information and biblically accurate topics. She presents information in a fun new way while being authentic and using the latest tech tools to be highly interactive.  

Love Life Wellness of Facebook.
Web TV Show
Online Magazine



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