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Bringing Resources to the Christian Woman Online.

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Memberships at Christian Women Affiliate


 We are so happy you've joined us! We've saved a spot just for you. Welcome to Christian Women Affiliate!

Our mission is to equip you with resources to grow in your Ministry, Business and Personal Life.

Your membership to Christian Women Affiliate is completely free. Think of this as our community base. Here you will find all the tools to get plugged in and learn all we have to offer and to each other!

Bringing Resources to the Christian Woman Online is our mission.

To do that, we have planted ourselves across the web.

How can we serve you? How can we serve each other? 

Reach Your Audience, while We Reach Ours. 

We all know that there is no one way to reach an audience. There is no one 'style' that everyone can relate to.  God is a master craftsman.

He designed us all to be so uniquely special. 

This is where CWA comes in. We are Christian Women Affiliate. As in Affili8.

Affiliate: to link up, merge, work together. 

Reach Your Audience through Radio.
Be part of the Only Christian Women's Branded Station on BlogTalk Radio that runs 7 days a week. 
Listen in, or Apply to Host. We have the capability to have 6 shows a day/7 days a week. Christian Women streaming Live Radio. We have currently had over 160,000 listens to our CWA Radio Shows and those numbers climb daily. Where do you fit in this exciting ministry? Listen in Live, Call in, Chat, or stream from your device. See Our Current Line Up
Reach Your Audience through Our CWA Webinar Service.
Sign Up for your Adobe Connect Pro Room to host your Webinars. 

When you sign up for a Webinar Room through CWA, it becomes your room. That means, your timing, your schedule, your branding, your content, your audience. 
We have options to fit all your needs.
Head Over to the Webinar Hosting Options page to read all about them. Our Options often improve, so click over to be "in the know". 
Learn about Premium Hosting, Ultimate Hosting, Custom Hosting and Conference Hosting. 

This was a LIVE Webinar to walk you through Webinars 101.

A must watch to see Adobe in action. It's Free, just click over!

We won't leave you without the ability to   Optimize your new Webinar Room.

The 'Work Your Room' Training is ready for you to dive into as you need it. This training is an invaluable tool from CWA founder, Noelle Mena.  She's provided her tech know-how to prepare you for your first webinar. Hit it full on or pick the areas you need to focus on most. The Adobe Platform is extremely flexible, but loaded with features. The Training provides short Video tutorials along with a Premium Private Group Access. This group provides a place for premium support and answers to all your pressing webinar related questions.


The CWA Review Crew is the newest Division at Christian Women Affiliate. 

There are loads of talented Christian authors and Creators who have an amazing gift, but lack the exposure to shine in an overcrowded market. CWA wants to partner with these hidden gems. Are you one? We have partnered with over 30 products, so far. The sky is the limit for this new division.

Reach Your Audience.

The class, quality and character of our CWA Review Crew is so valuable. Each member of the CWA Review Crew has gone through an application process. Read More about the process, you'll see. These women are the cream of the crop.

There are currently over 200 Christian Women approved to be on the crew. We have also put together Custom Crews for specific products with amazing results. 


Are you Linkedin yet? CWA is, and we will meet you there.

Christian Women Affiliate on Linkedin. 

We realize it's important when building your presence online to connect in many different styles and platforms. It is a big mistake to leave Linkedin off that list. Come get connected to the 650 Christian Women on LinkedIn. It's our Private Group and you're invited!


Reach Your Audience on Twitter! There is no faster way to immediately connect today. 

Follow us today on Twitter at CWAtweets. We only follow back Christian Women on our account. That builds one awesome base for you to start finding followers yourself. Follow all the accounts we do! Our CWAtweets account is also the basis for all the content in our Daily Paper below.


Our 'Christian Women's Daily' is put out, well, daily! The newspaper grabs tweets from the accounts we follow back on twitter and compiles them into topics and interests. 

The Christian Women's Daily, all tweeted out by Christian Women. Christian Women that are into every topic out there. You can receive it in your inbox or catch it tweeting out through twitter. (maybe your account will be tweeted out with it!) Drop by to Like it. Share it over at its home.


We realize that, today, most of us are on Facebook so we created a special kind of Private Group inside Facebook just for us. 

It's not a promotional group. It has strict guidelines that the women who are already members there will hold you up to! It's a place to give, get encouragement, support and prayer. 


Reach Your Audience through an Optimized Facebook Page.

800 million users on Facebook. Your Audience IS there unless they are under a rock. 

Do you know how to reach them? Do you know how to get your page set up and optimized? These are important questions. Ones you cannot ignore if you are building your presence, platform or brand. No matter what type of work/ministry you are in. 

Use Christian Women Affiliate's Facebook Page to go post and ask questions. Get feedback. Get answers. Learn Strategy. Are you still adjusting to the New Timeline? Join us here on our page for insight, guidance and ask questions


Reach Your Audience through... Our Audience.

We are strategically spread across the web and providing amazing advertising opportunities to reach your audience.

Our most popular new way to Reach Your Audience through Ours is our Partner Package. It's a very focused approach that lasts all month long featuring you and your brand. We are currently reserving for 2013. You can also read more about our Past Partners. Reserve Your Month in 2013! 

Come peruse through our other Advertising Opportunities and find the best fit for you. Don't see what you're looking for? Email me with your creative idea. I'm always open.

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