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Official Welcome to The CWA Review Crew

The CWA Review Crew
A Division of Christian Women Affiliate

Thank you so much for your application to The CWA Review Crew.

After reviewing your site and the information you supplied, we are privileged to welcome you into our talented crew of reviewers. 

The CWA Review Crew is not seeking to be merely a route to free giveaways. We want members who have strong voices, portray grace and wisdom to their followers and have influence that is founded on solid character.  We realize that opinions only matters when people trust you.
You have done a beautiful job of earning your reader’s & platform's trust and the respect you have for your audience is evident. As a result, we feel certain that readers will appreciate your perspective on the books, products, apps, eBooks that are entrusted to you for review.
This Page you are on is a MUST read, or you will end up asking questions that are covered here. Please help us to keep moving smoothly by taking a moment to read through. Book Mark It too.
There are links and instructions included here that you will need right now and in the future.
Please do save this link to refer to. As we progress on this exciting new adventure together, there are some important steps we need you to follow.
For Those of you who are Visual! First here is a Quick Video using slides of the same Process Typed out below. It can help to 'see it.' We have just had so many try to find their way by what they think is right instead of actually following the steps. We hope this helps to avoid that.

It's really just 3 Steps to Get Started Reviewing
So Let's Get Started!
Join The Christian Women Affiliate Community if you have not already.

You are actually inside The Christian Women Affiliate Community right now as you read this page.

The 'CWA' in 'The CWA Review Crew' stands for Christian Women Affiliate. (pronounced affili8) The CWA Review Crew is just One Division of Christian Women Affiliate. The Core Group for the Crew lives inside this Community here.

So! Right Click and Open this link below to Join! Then come back for Step 2.

The Christian Women Affiliate Community

Do note: You do NOT need to become involved in the Community here.

We house the Crew's Private Group inside, so it's the only way to access it.

Once you receive an Approval Email for the Community, which is usually the same day or the next...
Log into Christian Women Affiliate & head to the Private CWA Review Crew Group and Request Access.
Inside that Private Group is where EVERYTHING you will need is hosted. Including Linking up to Products you want to Review. You will need to be a part of that group.
It is the Core of The Crew.

You will see a Message like this Yellow Strip Below that you Click On and Request Access.

Here is the Private Group Link again:

We appreciate your patience, we approve at least a couple times a day.

Once you are accepted to the private group you will find several useful links and discussions that will guide you through all aspects of Reviewing with us. Including choosing products to review and linking up to receive them.
This group is our Hub. If you do Not get in there, you will not have anything you need to start Reviewing through us.
We cannot express enough how pivotal these steps are. For some reason many get lost at these 3 steps. If you run into an issue, please contact immediately. We want you to start Reviewing.
Click and Hold the 'Drag Me' Graphic on the right and drag it all the way up to your Browser Book Mark Bar.
Then it will leave a Quick Link there for you!  :)

A private group has also been formed on Facebook. Membership to that group is not required.
To gain access to that group you will have to friend both Noelle and Heather on Facebook or go to the group and Request Access.
Please when requesting as a friend on Facebook to mention you are on The CWA Review Crew.
Side Note: We chose not to use a Facebook Group as Our Hub as it gets highly unorganized and unreliable. The Privvy Group inside CWA is extremely customizable and meets the needs of the Crew. The Facebook Group is helpful discussion.

Please Take a Moment and 'Like' Our New Page on Facebook for The CWA Review Crew!
We will share reviews there and as we grow, host Facebook parties, giveaways etc.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We cannot row this boat without The Crew. We look forward to sharing Books, ebooks, products, apps and resources that you will love.
See you in the Private Group!
Let’s Row This Boat!

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