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This Banner Spot is part of Our Partner of the Month ~ Reaching YOUR Audience through Ours! 

Be Part of the Only Christian Women's Network on Blogtalk Radio!

Become a CWA Radio Host through the CWA Radio Network

CWA Radio Network; Brought to you by Christian Women Affiliate.

The First (and ONLY) network on BlogTalk Radio Branded & Ran by or For Christian Women!

We are so excited! I love, love LOVE having 14 shows a week (NO! NOW ITS 21 SHOWS!) 

NO! Now it's 42 shows a week hosted by Christian Women and focused on the Christian Woman! So what are the deets?

On the CWA Radio network we are a 'Branded Profile' on BTR. I pay a hefty amount every month so we can have this branded profile. As a New network, both on BlogTalk Radio and as a Network itself here at Christian Women Affiliate I have been flexible to allow changes as needed.

One change as you know was to open this network open to all free of charge. I believe strongly in offering in excellence.
That usually does not come cheap!

We are excited you are thinking about hosting a show through the CWA Radio Network.

What makes being part of our CWA Radio Network better than just hosting your 'own' show for free on BlogTalk Radio??

Let me share with you!
  • You Immediately step into being a part of an amazing team of women. 
  • We Stand beside You
  • We Train You
  • We Support You
  • Your show is put up all around the web.
  • We have also opened which houses all archives in a very organized and easy to get to way for long term on the web. 
  • We have a Private Hosts Group here inside CWA and also a Private Group on Facebook for all Hosts. 
    • Fellowship, Network, Brainstorm.... amazing women. hosts all the Archives of the shows. So be sure to check out over there as well. 


Woot! That's already enough!

But As a Branded Profile we have many, many perks!
We have had over 50,000  65,000 82,000, 95,000 Listens to Our CWA Radio Network shows. 
  • We get to have up to 6 hours worth of shows a day, 7 Days a week
  • All of our shows are listed as Featured on Blogtalk Radio
    • Go over and do a search for 'christian women' and watch are Network take over. MEET YOUR AUDIENCE!
  • Your show can be up to an Hour Long
  • Our CWA Graphics run on the CWA Radio Profile & Every Show
    • You can see them on the CWA Radio Profile
  • You get to set up each of your show descriptions; adding each link/URL you want, pictures, etc
    • You add your OWN Branding to each of your episodes.
  • 25,000 Banner Impressions
  • NO ADVERTISEMENTS via audio roll ins via BTR on any of our shows. 
    • Other shows, when they are played back, BTR adds an Audio Commercial and now even Video. We have NONE of that. 
    • Or on Our Pages
  • Our Switchboard is different than hosting your own show. We have a Special Switchboard (now calles Studio)...
    • Switchboard Studio Moderation Features
    • Dial Out Feature; Very handy, for dialing out to whom ever, from right in your switchboard.
    • Use Skype
    • Over 200 Concurrent Live Callers at a time!
      • Call in from any phone or they click to talk
      • All shows are streamed live on iPhones and Blackberry's (smart Phones)
      • Any phone that accesses the web.
    • Upload Podcasts as Radio shows
    • Edit and Replace live shows
    • Priority Support (even live during a show if needed)
    • Our Friends, become YOUR friends on BlogTalk Radio.
      • You still open and set up your personal BTR Profile; which we will teach you how to do.
      • We link up your profile to your main show description.
      • You can link it up each time in each individual show description.
  • Being Part of the CWA Radio Network
    • Your show is advertised inside Christian Women Affiliate
      • Shows also play live in the network as well. See the Tab
    • On Our Christian Women Affiliate Facebook Fan Page
    • Shows are Tweeted out by CWAtweets and My account.
      • And work w/our other hosts and RT each others shows. Now with growing to 42 shows a week, that makes for some serious Social Media Marketing going on.
    • Archives of CWA Radio are on
      • That lists your shows out individually show your listeners can find episodes quick and easy. 
      • All of your info is included as well on our Archive site.
    • The Shows player is embedded all over the web.
    • The new CWA site is just another place your show is organized with the archives.
    • You can also embed each one of your individual episodes to your personal site. 

What's Next if you want to submit to host?

We have 11 14 17 Shows Running at this time. You can see them on the guide or CWA Radio Network.
Initially I wanted to cover specific topics. I still lean towards this, but I am open to hear your idea.
Please look at the CWA Radio Guide to see what shows are being covered already.

To host on our network it is $35.00 a month. This is to cover the cost of the Branded Profile, as well as our time that we put into your show. There is now a one time $25 set up fee.  (Set up/ Training)
The benefits are worth it!
To be a basic premium host on your own is $39 on BTR.
..and very limited usage, not featured.

Not only do you get all the benefits from being part of our network, but also uniting with the other hosts. 

Although we would love to just say yes to any that apply to be CWA Radio Hosts, I will stay true to the integrity of what I want CWA to be known for. Therefore, do not assume just because someone has the funds that we will add them as a host.

If God is leading you to host; do not hesitate to apply! Step out of your comfort zone if you feel Him nudging you! ❤
We are not looking for 'professional' necessarily!
We are looking for potential, passion and heart!

What do you have to offer?

Email Me at with BTR HOST SUBMISSION in the Subject.

  • Full Name
  • Your CWA Profile Link if you have one (which you should!) ✔
    • If you have a CWA Profile Link; it would have most of the info I need; Blog/Site URL, Twitter (if you have one), Bio, etc
  • Name/ Topic of your Potential Show
  • The Description Of your show
  • The Sub-Topics for your first 10 shows
  • Contact Email of course
  • Date of Availability to Start Hosting

Questions you might have...

  • How Often is my show?
  • All Shows are once a week, and run for up to one hour. 
  • You can see our current scheduled shows to have an idea of time and days available.
    • 6 shows a day/ 7 days a week is what you pick from, so if there is a show already on the day you want, you need to pick a time that is at least 30 minutes away from the other.
  • We do expect consistency in your shows.
    • Meaning, yes! Things will come up and you will need to skip a show or take a short break.
    • But we reserve the right to replace your show if it becomes an issue.
    • You can upload a pre- recorded show for your show if you want to. So if you miss, you can go in and upload a file to replace the empty space.
  • Is there an initial Commitment?
    • Yes, Due to us Training you in every aspect, from setting up your personal BTR profile, to teaching you how to use the switchboard etc, we ask for a 3 Month commitment.
    • This is also again, for consistency. We do not want shows coming & going. 
  • If I need to step out/down from hosting through the CWA Radio Network what do I do?
    • We ask for 30 days notice so we can be on look out for a replacement
    • This is a 'trust' issue. We are trusting you will keep your end and give us 30 days notice before stopping your next renewal payment and your show. 
  • Do I own the rights to my show on CWA Radio?
    • Yes, Let me describe...
      • Every Show through the CWA Radio Network has an audio entry at the beginning. You can hear one by listening to any of our archives.
      • Your show will have your name and your show name in your audio entry that I make.
      • This entry STAYS in each show created through the CWA Radio Network
      • We have a tutorial on you using your own player on your site.
        • your site; Means.. Your site or blog etc.
          • It does NOT mean upload to another BTR profile and directing traffic for your archives to that profile. This takes away from the CWA Radio Network.
          • But on your personal BTR profile, you of course have ALL your info about yourself, your sites and links. You can lead women from their to your site where just YOUR shows are available to listen to through a different player besides BTR.
          • You of course can embed our CWA Radio Network Player on your own site! :)
          • This also means, you can grab JUST YOUR shows individual episodes player and post where ever you want. Just like we do on CWA
  • Can I have a Co-Host on my show?
    • Absolutely! If this is a regular thing, then we would want to know about her when you submit your show.
    • What about a Man co-host?? 
      • I would hear your proposal. A mans voice can be just the thing we need sometimes!
  • Can I have guests on my show?
    • I encourage you to have guests!
      • Is VERY simple for your guest. You can even 'Dial Out' to them from within the Switchboard.
      • List them in your show description that day along with any pertinent links they have.
      • We have a Central Way for potential Guests to contact all hosts as well as I occasionally will blast an email with Guests info.
  • What about having a man on my show?
    • These shows are focused on The Christian Woman, but men have insight! Yes, this is fine. If it fits for your show, then it works!
  • Can I offer Give Aways, promotions, sell my products during my show?
    • Offer Give Aways; Yes! 
    • Promote yourself through your show description (you will learn how)
    • Sell Product?
      • You will learn how to 'work' that in. The CWA Radio Network is a network to inspire, encourage and inform women. That comes first. But you SHOULD share product links, site links, during your show and especially at the end in the chat room as well as in that shows description.
      • You may NOT run 'audio ads' during your show of other people.
      • You may NOT sell ads during your show of other people.

      With THAT said,  If someone wants to sponsor you, you can still do that. If they wanted something in return, you would have to offer to them thru a different way. I mean it cant be a blatant add. If it was someone I felt really fit in with the vision of CWA, then I would not have an issue with you saying at the end something like, Thanks to '_________' for sponsoring my show today thru the CWA Radio Network. Visit them here __________ (that would be your sponsors site)
  • What about someone to help me co-host the chat room in my show?
    • Yes, someone else can login and just be the co-host for the chatroom during the show. This is a very smart thing. She or he can keep listeners on top of what you say, post URL's, moderate chat, be-friend listeners during the show. And more. We will teach you all this.
    • We do have a position for someone to come in and be the CWA Radio Producer. When that is filled, we will do it for you. Until then, you will need to or have someone you trust do it. 
  • Think of any other questions?? Please email me and ask!
We look forward to hearing from you and possibly being a part of your journey in hosting a radio show!

Want to add Webinars to your Ministry or Business? 
We also will be putting together Our CWA Webinar TEAM for CWA Monthly Webinar Week
If you have an awesome idea of a topic to offer, contact me at
All CWA Webinar Hosts get free unlimited usage of their personal webinar room each month.
Please Read First...
Learn More HERE!

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