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How to work your Profile

On most networks its just called your Profile. But here at CWA it is always referred to as your Portfolio Profile,
You can access your PP from anywhere on the site. See the Menu Bar. Or also anywhere you see your picture, it will click back to your Profile.

Quick Entry Here! I just did a Portfolio Entry (Blog Post) on How to Add a Scroll Bar to your Bio/Resume Section on your personal page here at CWA. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE! Did I say its SIMPLE!

Below is a short tutorial on...

How To set up your PP
Checking your URLs!  Make sure they all work! That you added them correctly.
Finding your Settings
Dragging your page around so you get it to look just the way you want.
Edit and control how and what you see on your page and through out the network.

Remember you can access quick Links in your sign in/out box...

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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